Testimonials - HD Power Systems, Inc.

My name is Kirk R. and I am a narcotics investigator for Beaver County Sheriffs Dept. in Oklahoma. I recently purchased a HDD7000ED generator from my father and it was 3 years old but never used until I took possession. I had a problem with it and called warranty but they gave me a number to HD Power Systems and stated the warranty was expired. I understood and phoned HD Power Systems and was directed to Chris A. Chris was more than helpful and found the answer to my problem. I later had another problem with the generator and Chris was again ready and willing to help me remedy the problem, even taking my calls or text while not at work. I believe this type of work ethic and professionalism is vital to any company and until first talking with Chris had never heard of HD Power Systems. Chris and all other persons I have spoken to on the phone are invaluable in my opinion and were simply joyful to speak to. Again I would like to thank you for operating a company that takes pride in their jobs and strive to be the best at what they do.

— Kirk R., Beaver County Sheriffs Department, Oklahoma

Why HD Power Systems? We asked our clients that exact question. We wanted to hear why they decided to do business with an independent power equipment retailer, more specifically why they chose HD Power Systems to protect what they value most.