FAQ's & Error Codes - HD Power Systems, Inc.

Why won’t my generator start?
There are two primary reasons that your HD Power Systems generator may not start:

  • Incorrect amount of oil. To protect your generator, HD Power Systems engines are equipped with low oil sensors that trigger automatic shut off, so it’s recommended that you first confirm that the engine’s oil level is correct.
  • Check that the fuel shutoff valve is in the "on" position.
Where can I get my equipment serviced?
All service related questions can be answered by calling our main office at (208) 949-1121.

  • If your equipment is still under warranty, please call American Warranty Service (AWS) at (817) 865-5420.
Where can I order parts for my equipment?
Parts can be ordered by calling our main office at (208) 949-1121.
I'm receiving and error code of "X" on my HDD7000ED Generator, what does it mean?
These error codes represent symptoms of an improperly functioning system.

For example if your 'ED' model generator model generator is shutting down and showing an E05 code, it means the frequency is too low. The machine performs optimally at 60hz. E05 means your machine dropped to 56.5hz or lower, so the digital control module shut the power to the fuel off as a safety mechanism. Now you might ask yourself "How do I fix that"? With the LOW FREQUENCY being the symptom, it would be safe to assume that it was running at the low end of Idle, which really means there is a small lack of fuel pressure. If you are having this problem or any other please call or our main office at (208) 949-1121.

  • On our 'ED' Model Silent Diesel Generator, codes shown on a digital readout are not valid unless the engine was running prior to the code being shown.

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